Submission - Museum of Words

The IV  Edition of International Award  (Museum of Words) for Microfiction is open for submission.

The competition first prize is $20,000 for the best short story.

All entries will be evaluated by an international jury of great prestige, and the finalist’s stories will be published.

A maximum of two stories per person of no more than 100 words each, should be submitted from the following link:

If you are interested enter the following code in your participation form : 23689

Dance With Me

(NaPoWriMo14 Day 28)

out of the pages of your notes
they filed out
to caress my heart
the most beautiful words I ever read
right in front of me
their soft touch took me to the future
your sincere mind lay bare before me
“I’m asking words to dance”
asking them to soar with me
they took a bow to do my bidding
we danced and soared to the altar
to the beat of “I do”
the sweetest beat I ever danced to
I’ll never love another

ORÍ (Inner-Self)


      NapoWriMo14 Day 27

I wait in silence as fate speaks
His dictates and acts not my own
Minding not my wait, I’m just in haste
All he requests I’m being thrown?

Life unfolds as it is written
No dictates of destiny my worries can alter
While I make my plans, it follows its patterns
Hoping in his pouch are days brighter

I wait in prayer for what tomorrow brings
Laying ‘em all at the feet of the Maker
He sees tomorrow, He can heal my sorrow
Hoping He makes do His promises to the latter

Strife of Voices

(NaPoWriMo14 Day 24)

Another day of the sun is here
At birth for the strife of voices
The babies grow biggger and bigger
Wailing louder and louder
One over the other
In a strife to triumph over one another
One in songs of praise
The other in divine guidance

It’s like a battle between the two
Who makes the loudest noise
A dance of superiority
A war of mediocrity
I wonder who wins the banter
Undecided to rejoice it’s not of violence
As it is now of noise